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  1. ALL comments must be helpful and related to the topic at hand. Nah, this fits in this subreddit because it's a question with one definitive answer. i.e. there is a comment which has more upvotes than the rest of them
  2. For a clue, a recent Reddit article listed the top-rated comments for the previous year, and there's a popular subreddit that logs the highest rated comments of all time. Thanks to them, you can discover some of the most interesting and upvoted comments. Here are the top 5, complete with context
  3. For the most upvoted posts, go to Top and select links from all time. Currently on the number one spot is What tasty food would be disgusting if eaten over rice? and the best Until some time ago, this was the most liked Reddit post with the current upvote standing at 283K and 5.0K comments
  4. This article will identify and briefly discuss the top 10 most upvoted Reddit posts of all-time. Without further ado, below are the 10 very best posts according to What's better than a person saving another person's life superhero style? Simple, when he saves two lives superhero style. Top 5 most upvoted..
  5. Email. Facebook. Whatsapp. Pinterest. Twitter. Advertisement. If you follow the right subs, Reddit can be a wonderful place to hang out. Occasionally, however, a comment comes along that really irks the community. A gamers' rebellion, divisive political views, and internal subreddit drama
  6. 153 million posts to Reddit. 1.2 billion comments (and counting!) 27 billion votes. Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation and To kick things off, we dug into most upvoted posts of the year. Of note, 2 of Reddit's most-viewed videos also appear in our top 5, alongside other..
  7. As one of the most active internet communities with more than 200 million unique monthly users and almost 8 billion monthly pageviews, Reddit sure can Karma - Reddit's useless internet points and the desire of every redditor. You get karma when other users upvote your comments or submissions

The Most Upvoted Comments on Reddit

  1. With 349,000 upvotes, this is the most upvoted post on Reddit. It was posted on Reddit on April 1st, 2017 by u/serventofgaben in the r/movies subreddit, and has since become the most upvoted Reddit post of all time, holding on to the #1 spot on Reddit for years now
  2. I looked up the most upvoted comment on Reddit..
  3. score: number of upvotes on the comment. Comment level features. The five most important features are ones that describe the thread that the comment is on or the comment's parent. We might expect this due to the fact that popular and trending content gets shown to more users, so comments..
  4. The more karma you have, the more weight your messages hold when it comes to connecting with your target audience. So, how can you gain more upvotes on Reddit to enhance your karmic If the comment receives a lot of upvotes, your response might receive upvotes too because of its proximity
  5. *Upvotes are most effective for posts or comments on posts less than 12 hours old. Please do not order for posts older than 24 hours, or comments Reddit has a highly active community and is one of the best sources of viral traffic for any business or message. Buying Reddit Upvotes will get the..
  6. And, very much unlike Reddit, it won't allow comments on the site at all. Upvoted is a way for Reddit to recapture some of the attention (and, ahem, traffic) that the site loses when other news organizations take stories from the site; it serves as a kind of introduction to the world of Reddit for..
  7. Следующее. CS:go - scream's most upvoted reddit plays ever! (CRAZY ONE TAPS & INSANE ACES) - Продолжительность: 11:00 Skooby 270 945 просмотров. Brax swag Top 10 Most UPVOTED Reddit Clips Ever

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Most upvotes sellers offer packages starting from 25 upvotes. It looks extremely unnatural when in some topic all other comments have just 0-2 I bought 200 aged Reddit accounts with no posting history, just for upvoting. They cost me $0.1 per account. I already had around 150 proxies, which I.. Reddit Upvote Comment. $0.99. In order to provide us with the comment/s that should be upvoted, click on the permalink button below them, then paste that link in the Additional Information box, during checkout

More Videos. Reddit doesn't provide exact upvote and downvote totals because exact, real-time counts could let spammers know whether or not their votes are being filtered out by the site. From Reddit's front page or any subreddit, click on a Comments link to see the thread page for the.. Nor will Upvoted allow comments. Reddit, as we know, is all about comments, and the community has often been in Photograph: Reddit/WIRED.com. Reddit is hoping that by aggregating the most popular user-generated content into stories on its own site it can wrestle back control from traditional..

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Reddit launched Upvoted on Tuesday, a new website that dedicates a 10-person staff to mining news and Upvoted is a kind of digest of the best content on Reddit, which is, in the site's parlance They then report and write those stories in a more traditional style, following the lead of digital journalists for.. Reddit will today launch Upvoted, a news site that aggregates the most popular stories from its community -- but without the voting and the comments Most popular products are selected depending on number of upvotes and number of mentions during a period. However their respective comments and nr of upvotes should be unique. How is the popularity calculated ? Formula is - sum(number of mentions on reddit in a year *75) + sum..

The Most Downvoted Reddit Comments of All Tim

With Reddit being one of the most popular websites in the world (200+ million unique visitors per month), you might wonder - why is Reddit Ohanian notes that content is also posted to Reddit in the upvoted subreddit, where readers can vote, comment and discuss every piece of original content.. I am working on reddit api to get comments, upvoted, downvoted etc. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers

The short answer to getting a lot of upvotes on your Reddit posts, the watering hole of the web? The study concluded that in the world of Reddit — specifically in the case of images, the only type of content the researchers studied — a good post means knowing your audience Reddit's user page lists up to 1,000 comments and submissions and lets you sort by new, top or controversial, but not by old. This makes it difficult or even impossible to see what your first submission or comment on reddit was. If you have fewer than 1,000 posts, you would have to keep.. score: number of upvotes on the comment. Comment level features. The five most important features are ones that describe the thread that the comment is on or the comment's parent. We might expect this due to the fact that popular and trending content gets shown to more users, so comments.. Следующее. CS:go - scream's most upvoted reddit plays ever! (CRAZY ONE TAPS & INSANE ACES) - Продолжительность: 11:00 Skooby 270 945 просмотров. Brax swag Top 10 Most UPVOTED Reddit Clips Ever

Reddit, the self-described front page of the Internet, is known to be many things: a place for people to In the social network's year-end wrap-up, it recounted some of its most popular comments, posts and They are just as quirky as any Redditor would hope. Its most upvoted post of the year, in the.. Behold, Reddit's 10 Most Upvoted Posts of 2017. More than 12 billion upvotes were made on Reddit this year, a figure that almost doubles the total number of living, breathing human beings on planet Earth. In other words, you'd be hard pressed to find a platform that gets quite as much engagement.. Comment karma is significantly more vital than link karma. Only ensure that your link karma is not harmful. I begin utilizing represents advertising redditors find your comment humorous or relevant, you can acquire hundreds of upvotes per post.7. Find subreddits with your target audience: Reddit's.. This launch of upvoted.com is the next logical step in celebrating the Reddit community: a hub for original content to give Redditors credit, as well as go beyond the original story to learn more about The big difference being you can't upvote things on Upvoted, or comment on them — the trolls are..

Increase reddit engagement, more comments, more upvotes. Use script embed codes or use the wordpress plugin. This is excellent for websites that have their content submitted to reddit. It will help increase reddit activity with more upvotes and comments and allow the user to freely navigate reddit These upvote counts can be impressive to marketers that don't know how to do this on Reddit. For example, here's Devesh's comment when I outlined Having more karma points doesn't mean your submissions automatically get more upvotes or weight than other people. The only reason you're.. Reddit is not happy with EA right now. A response the iconic gaming studio left to address criticism aimed at its upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront By comparison, the second most downvoted comment on the platform currently stands at a negative of 24,333 downvotes - more than 10 times less than.. The most upvoted posts, AMAs and new communities on the front page of the internet, ranked. Other superlatives include Best Science-Themed March That Started With a Single Comment on Reddit, Best Print Magazine Devoted to Meme Analysis and Most Upvoted Photoshop Battle Much of it has to do with either the ethics of Reddit becoming its own news publication, or the impact Upvoted will have on the business of news. The first is that Reddit's decision not to allow commenting on stories published on Upvoted is somehow indicative of comment sections branded..

What sets Upvoted apart from Reddit is that there is no voting, no commenting and little community involvement apart from letting users share articles I can see Upvoted.com doing really well. The site will attract Reddit users who are interested in these topics as they may find out more about them but.. Most notably, the site will not allow comments. Nor will it bear Reddit's signature upvoting system, despite its name. But Reddit itself, which is driven largely by lively comment sections, will still be the unifying force behind Upvoted's stories. Commenters will be directed off the webpage to a Reddit.. A comment's score is simply the number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes. If five users like the comment and three users don't it will have a score of 2. Please note that the vote numbers are not real numbers, they have been fuzzed to prevent spam bots etc Reddit is a magical place. It's a place where you can get a lot of traffic for nothing except your time. Reddit gets 150 MILLION page views per month, so At the same time, Reddit is one of those places where self-promotion is very frowned upon. Any kind of marketing is frowned upon unless you put a.. Hello all. Reddit can be a powerhouse for traffic and rankings in many different ways. If you manage to get on the Reddit homepage (The front page of the Internet), well you better make sure that your server can handle that! You can get an insane amount of traffic if that happens and it stays there for a while

Buy Reddit upvotes and buy Reddit comments to push your links, photos or videos high up to the first page of a subreddit or Reddit homepage, reaching millions of users. This can be achieved more effectively by accounts with high karma as Reddit accounts with higher karma has more credibility.. You can now buy reddit upvotes at an extremely reasonable price and boost traffic to your portal! We provide real and high quality upvotes. With our high quality upvote service you can buy reddit upvotes and get featured in the hot & popular section of reddit in no time Reddit will launch a new ventured called UPVOTED, a news site that aggregates top stories from its Reddit, the so-called Internet's front page, will launch a new venture called UPVOTED, a Producing even 20 posts per day from Reddit is going to be tricky. Much of Reddit's top sum and substance is.. Social aggregator Reddit has revealed it is launching its own news site, Upvoted, that will focus on presenting interesting news and media that surfaces from Reddit's own The site is set to go live later today, and, most interestingly, will not allow any comments from readers or up/downvotes, as is the..

This is exactly why Reddit is the holy grail for product recommendations. Specifically, the sub-Reddits r/makeupaddiction and r/skincareaddiction. While everyone has their personal picks, these are 9 of the products with the most upvotes Reddit is launching a brand new website today to unearth news from its social aggregator. Wired reports that the new website, which is set to launch later today, looks and feels much like any other news site out there. The new website, upvoted.com, will draw its content exclusively from Reddit Maximize Reddit Upvotes with RedditDominator. Step 1: Click on the option Voter from the topmost section. Step 2: Choose the profile URL under Voting panel on which you want to maximize the Upvotes. Give your comments and feedback regarding the blog and let us write more blogs for you Getting more and more sincere reactions whether its positive or a suggestion for you to implement. Take very comment in good spirit and work See also: Buy Reddit Upvotes. Publish relevant update. Role of content is very crucial, especially on a network like Reddit where discussion and debates are..

Upvotes can make your content go higher towards the front page because of the scores you will get. Upvotes are positive ratings which users give Thus, buying Reddit upvotes online is a great course of action since you can get a better score out from it. In this case, what you are trying to promote on.. The more upvotes you have, the more people may see your post. The same applies to comments which can be upvoted/downvoted. Also, don't over-spam Reddit with your links. Reddit may ban your website so that whenever someone links to it whether in posts or comments, that post/comment.. Reddit is a treasure of information. Here's a curated list of the 18 most upvoted threads relating to startups and entrepreneurship of 2015 Upvoted is a way for Reddit to recapture some of the attention (and, ahem, traffic) that the site loses when other news organizations take stories from the site; it serves as a kind of world moderated by unaffiliated, unpaid volunteers. Upvoted may be our first look at what the future of Reddit might hold

Reddit's Year in Review: 2018 - Upvoted Most upvoted posts of 201

Reddit is adjusting its voting system to make a post's score more accurately reflect its popularity, according to a post by founding engineer Christopher Slowe. As a result, many scores will be rising — and the system will hypothetically be getting, if not more transparent, a bit more trustworthy Reddit's new news site, Upvoted, presents a more friendly face for the front page of the Internet. Reddit Launches Upvoted, Its Own News Site Without a Comment Section Upvoted functions much like any other general news site, Wired reports. It will have articles and multimedia projects on topics from breaking news to The second phenomenon is news sites mining Reddit for content. Many new media sites find stories on Reddit and repackage them for their own.. NB : In short more upvotes your submission get, more visibility it gets. Difference between Reddit and other social platforms, is with very few submissions you get insane traffic, immediate access to users. No one else is going to have access to it until, your post get likes, comments and shares

Upvoted: A Reddit Within A Reddit. Posted on Monday, October 12th, 2015 by Toby Sanders. The posts featured on Upvoted are the more popular ones from Reddit that you may have seen before, but with these posts there is no comment section Webpages that aren't consistently updated are considered less relevant to search engines, so they tend to drop lower in search results over time. That's why it's so important to continually submit links and posts to Reddit: it will keep your profile active and relevant to search engines.. Reddit Upvote Exchange has 2,050 members. Do Not Post Any Other Link ONLY POST REDDIT LINK. With a little support, you can go places, uncover your unexplored potential and achieve much more than you could do alone Reddit is a very hard platform to market on - the users are Bonus Material: Reddit Growth Hacking Template. First off, don't post a single thing about your biz until you've got a minimum of 1000 link karma, have made at least 10 posts & 10 comments that have been upvoted at least a bit & have.. Reddit Upvotes Feature: 60 High Quality Reddit Upvotes Different IP Address Very High Quality Reddit Upvotes. Reddit's Rules Are Not Broken. Reddit...Active User Accounts Minimum = 20 Reddit Upvotes Maximum = 5000 Reddit Upvotes 24/7 Customer Support

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Reddit, the squirrely site that has more links to content than you can shake a stick at, has launched a new site with new content. It's called Upvoted, and it's a digital magazine of sorts with original digital bits inspired from the community but coming directly from the mothership Free VPNs - Are Reddit Users Upvoting or Downvoting Free VPNs? Reddit users often argue over differences of opinion, but the one thing they agree on is that free VPNs are not safe to use

Free most upvoted comment reddit for Android. 1 most upvoted comment reddit products found Get free reddit upvotes. Socialclickers can drive hundres of real geographically targeted reddit traffic (also known as redditors) to your post bringing more comments and votes. Its effective and easy, whats more free of cost. You can participate by voting, liking, sharing other users' content and in.. Upvoted isn't Reddit's first attempt to capitalize on its vast digital community: In January, the company started a podcast to discuss the site's most popular Correction: An earlier version of this story said that Upvoted will not allow comments. Each story on Upvoted will in fact link to a discussion thread..

This is the most upvoted post ever on Reddit (2020 update

Reddit has launched a new website dedicated to news called 'Upvoted' that shares stories collected from the forum website. Upvoted is likely part of the company's effort to attract more advertisers and traffic. The news website doesn't allow users to comment on stories Reddit - Upvoted.com. Like us on Facebook! More: Reddit Uploaded by Trollkeeper One of the latest and most popular is reddit, the front page of the internet. It aggregates content from across the internet into one convenient place for If it's clever or original, give it an upvote. Downvotes are supposed to be reserved for comments without any effort, spam, or anything that does not..

Thousands of unique stories are happening on Reddit everyday, propelling people and ideas to an audience of millions. What happened leading up to it? Upvoted . San Francisco. Settings and more Most often when you scroll through Reddit Ads in the carousel (top of the page, arrow is on the right-hand side) you'll see that most of the ads have a If you are not seeing an upvote count next to an ad it means the score is below 0 and will show a dot in its place. We do not have the option to turn off.. Find and save Most Downvoted Comment On Reddit Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & More Perhaps the most concerning thing about Reddit is the fact that Reddit upvotes can be bought. All one has to do is type a few keywords into Google's The content or comment that a user posts no longer has to be entertaining or interesting in order to get to the front page of Reddit and reach half a..

I looked up the most upvoted comment on Reddit

On Reddit, this is a key element of their process, with users able to up and downvote both posts and comments. In many ways, this, along with human Upvoting and downvoting will likely add to this, with the best, most engaging, comments rising, thereby further increasing engagement, and giving.. If you need reddit up votes buy this gig and specify you need reddit up votes.i will get you 10 reddit upvotes.Otherwise you can just buy this gig i will get you 30 real google plus ones for your post.You can buy my gig by go to the above link.I have an Increase free twitter followers by more than 25000 Discover 6 alternatives like Reddit Alerts and Reddit List. Hi, I'm the Product Manager for Upvoted Weekly (among other things). Alexis and I are happy to answer any questions you might have S1MPLE's most upvoted reddit moments of all time Find this Pin and more on Reddit: Technology by Tenacious Tech Today. Dawent Inc. on Instagram: DawentsIT: All Things Technology news you need to know this Monday- 1.Reddit released the most upvoted posts of 2019, and it shows ho

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Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. more >>. Want to say thanks to %(recipient)s for this comment? Give them a month of reddit gold. Please select a payment method Want to be in the next of Daily Dose of CSGO? Send me your clips/youtube links to [email protected]. I am not affiliated with OddShot.TV, reddit.com, streamable at all copyrights reserved to their respective owners

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Read more about sharing. Firmino's goal means this is Liverpool's joint-best scoring streak from the start of a top-flight season in the club's history. The tactic was undone by Firmino's goal, leaving Spurs with no option but to be more positive in the second period .. Reddit. Track Do not track Community standardsDiscussion. Comment via FacebookComment via Sputnik. Your comment will be reviewed by the moderator for compliance with the Rules. Add more Should I start posting more Reddit comments? • • • meme memes dailymemes stolenmemes clashroyale trump trump2020 iran ww3 ww3memes gay blackandwhite mexico merica usa mericamemes depressionhelp depressionmemesarethebest Looking For More Reddit Content? Subscribe To My 2nd Channel What was the most awkward thing you witnessed in a school classroom? (askreddit Top Posts | reddit stories) Share your own stories in the comments section. Many Reddit users agreed the woman's post was entirely 'accurate,' and it inspired some to share their own gripes about the mom groups they're in. Share or comment on this article: Mothers praise woman for her 'tragically accurate' rant mocking mom Facebook groups. e-mail

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3 Comments. Top New. Log in to leave a comment. 5,614 PointlessWhyshouldi. @MrPorg137. 2 Upvotes. Log in to upvote No upvoted answer. Unanswered. Notes. Please log in or register to add a comment. Your answer. 100 most common words in English After more than a decade in the game, Gomez also had to learn to trust herself and listen to the voice in her head telling her to set appropriate boundaries for herself. Sometimes I pushed myself too far. When I did have to take moments and step back, I didn't find that it was embarrassing or that I was letting..

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WITH some ridiculous spelling mistakes and even more confusing double-meanings, these signs will make you look twice. Bog standard! This funny notice should be placed in toilets everywhereCredit: Reddit Twitter's most popular game is a Japanese mobile RPG that keeps beating Fortnite. (The Washington Post illustraton; iStock). The fandom from the region continues to drive conversation around many of the most tweeted about games in the world, showcasing that video games truly have no borders Subscribe for more Asmongold reacts and daily video moments in World of Warcraft! Asmongold pulls up the Classic WoW subreddit and reads one of the top upvoted posts from a WoW Classic Asmongold checks some YouTube comments & a BIG announcement for classic WoW. ▻https.. READ MORE: Pilot reveals if passengers should worry about turbulence [COMMENT]. Flight secrets: Experts say you shouldn't travel if you have an ear infection (Image One passenger who knows all too well the outcome of travelling with an ear infection shared their experience on the Reddit forum

New, 2 comments. For a limited time, these Pokémon will appear in Max Raid dens more often. Players in Pokémon Sword will see Gigantamax Flapple and Coalossal spawning more often in their Both games will have Gigantamax Alcremie spawning more frequently. If you only have one version.. New, 30 comments. 10, 2020): Tyson Fury WrestleMania plans, Shayna Baszler, Chelsea Green, more! Reddit. If you have heard of any interesting rumors that you'd like to add, feel free to post them in the comments section below More Makes View All. Please Login to Comment Most Read

Right Livelihood Award Foundation. Practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing us today. United Kingdom. European Museum of the Year Award A video showed a plume of grey ash rising into the sky. Taal Volcano is located on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. It is the second most active volcano in the country with 34 recorded eruptions Embedded Content. Comments. President Trump was referring to mid-November protests in more than 100 cities and 28 out of 31 provinces of Iran that, according to R, left 1,500 dead. Most-Viewed Multimedia The world's most important oil chokepoint, the Strait of Hormuz is a gateway for almost a third of all crude oil and other petroleum products carried by tankers. According to the US Energy Information Administration, in 2018 around 21 million barrels of oil were transported every day via the waterway

Moreover, many German cities are moving to ban diesel-powered cars because of the CO2 they produce and, more importantly, all the terrible fine particles they emit. German cities choking on green wood smoke. Yet, ironically, as cities move to clean up their act and protect the climate, the opposite.. Read more. Iran welcomes participation of foreign experts in plane crash investigation — spokesman. On January 8, the Ukraine International Airlines Read more. Over 30 Caspian Flotilla warships kick off drills in North Caucasus. The crews will practice preparing ships for a battle, carrying out ship.. And now thousands more Americans would get to hear her - to hear Putin's - message. I did what you do in such situations. Five more Jennies will spring up by the end of the week. There will be no censure for Trump for amplifying fake content Mostly uninitiated people compare rooting with hacking which is not correct. The purpose in both contexts is quite different. Hacking is more like breaking into someone's else system illegally, whereas rooting is mostly done by the owner of an Android device to gain superuser advantages of the device In the past year, the needle has moved toward the possibility of a collapse in the Iranian regime more than ever before, James Jones, a former U.S. national security advisor, tells CNBC's Hadley Gamble at the Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum

'Most people are much more concerned about an attack they can see and feel, and can't relate to this idea of a clandestine war' Read more: Germany: Thousands of migrants return after deportation, report says. Annual deportation figures in Germany have fallen consistently since 2016. That year, Germany carried out 25,375 deportations To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser (or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer). Want to know more about the Nature Communications editorial team? Check out these recently released videos

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